The Mum behind Mum's Secret

Mum’s secret Soothe & Repair is created, manufactured & distributed in New Zealand by The Natural HealthGiving Company Ltd.

Michelle Facer - Founder of Mum’s Secret, XmaEase & Director of The Natural HealthGiving Company

"I'm a busy mum, keen on looking after my family naturally. I am fully aware just how confusing it is to read the labels on the products in the pharmacies & health stores, and I also know that most ‘natural’ products are not as natural as they want you to believe. I have also spent a small fortune on natural healing products for specific skin problems over the years only to throw most of them out as they expire before I have used them all.  So I decided that I would create a premium natural cream that had a multitude of uses.  One that would save all that unnecessary waste & money as well. The result....Mum’s Secret Soothe & Repair – one cream - one hundred uses! An all round repairing cream, made with natural ingredients, for everyone to use and enjoy"  Michelle x

How did you get started making skin creams Michelle?

"My son Jaxon was a terrible sufferer of Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) when he was a young child. The treatment the specialists and doctors recommended was steroid creams. This was a solution that I was really unhappy to be using long term for Jaxon’s skin.

I was working with Colloidal Silver at the time and I had always had a strong interest in using natural products for healing myself and my family. So, with my knowledge of the wonderful properties of Colloidal Silver and my passion to find something for Jaxon that was all natural for him, and ‘guilt-free’ for me, I set out to make a topical cream that would support the healing process and repair his delicate skin whilst I got to the bottom of what was going on with him internally.

I developed XMAEASE – a non-steroid approach to natural skincare – to help Jaxon. Along the way, I found that many people wanted an effective all natural cream that took the itch away and supported the natural process of repairing the appearance of the skin. Like me, they had tried lots of other products, but had no joy and they wanted something that really worked.

I had been receiving an overwhelming number of emails, from people who were telling me how effective XMAEASE is and that many of them had found it was soothing and repairing many other stubborn skin problems. I came to the realisation that it really is multipurpose due to the Natural Sense Colloidal Silver (that I make in my lab) which is known for it’s anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. So I carefully selected another combination of skin enhancing oils & plant extracts so that I could create a cream that could help all family members. And so, I developed “mum’s secret Soothe & Repair” - an equally effective sister product to XMAEASE.

Trust me, try it – YOU will love it!"


Michelle and Jaxon 300x221 The Mums Behind Mums Secret Michelle & Jaxon.